School History
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School History
1. In March 1944, Cheng Kung elementary school was established but was named Gan Chen public school.
  2. In April 1944, the first principal, Guan Ben, held the opening ceremony of our school.
  3. In December 1945, Lai Den Chuan was appointed to be the first principal after the restoration of Taiwan.
  4. In February 1946, our school was renamed as Cheng Kung general elementary school.
  5. In June 1947, our school was renamed as Tze Yu Second general elementary school.
  6. In June 1948 , Our school moved to the current location.
  7. In April 1949, the construction of our school house was completed.
  8. In 1955, We set up an affiliated kindergarten.
  9. In August 1968, Our school was renamed again as Taichung Municipal Cheng Kung Elementary School.
  10. In 1985, "The Independent Kindergarten" was renamed as "Subsidiary Kindergarten."
  11. In 1889, The staff of the Kindergarten officially joined the organization of the Elementary school.
  12. In September 1993, We set up night classes.
  13. In November 1994, We started to offer lunch service.
  14. In August 2000, Mr. Lai Chao Hui was appointed as the ninth principal of our school.
  15. In 2004, Lin Ren Zhou became the chairman of parents association.
  16. In May 2005, the construction of Cheng Kung main building was completed.
  17. In November 2005, the new basketball courts were completed.